Head Coach


Ivan Falcos

Manager + Coach

14+ Years of Head Coaching and management Experience



Current Roster


Player Name Position
Kendra Wagner GK
Courtney May D
Monika Dyjak (C) D
Cassidy Lemoine F
Chantelle Chornohus D
Cassedi Blackwell M
Charlotte Thiesson D
Skylar Ducharme M
Megan Mottershead D
Melissa Park D
Lindsey Boake F
Makayla Doll F
Jessica Platt M
Cassandra Lacika D
Courtney Jones D
Laura Zanello F
Elise Plamondon F
Samantha Molter F
Brenna Labrie F
Samantha Hamdon-Morison


Lauren Scorgie F


Manager Name Position


Ivan Falcos Head Manager
Peter Spotowski Assistant Manager




vs Rio Terrace FC Pre-season




2018 Tier 4 Second Place


Dieter Knobloch Memorial Champs



RIo Crush FC 2017 Outdoor

Div 4D Champs


Rio Crush 2016-17 Indoor

Div 4E Champs



Rio Crush FC



2018-19 Indoor EDSA Regular Season Div 3- Rio Crush FC

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EDSA Current top scorers:

Lauren Scorgie

Elise Plamondon

Makayla Doll